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Image::GetCurrentFrameRect should become Image::FrameRect(aWhichFrame)


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For some instances of an image to ignore animation, we need to eliminate as much as possible imgIContainer/Image methods that always act on the current frame. |GetCurrentFrameRect| is one such method. We should give it an |aWhichFrame| argument and rename it to |FrameRect|.
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Replace GetCurrentFrameRect() with FrameRect(aWhichFrame).

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I feel relatively strongly about the below comment, but I don't need to see this afterwards, so r=me.

::: image/src/Image.h
@@ +69,2 @@
>     */
> +  virtual nsresult FrameRect(uint32_t aWhichFrame, nsIntRect& aRect) = 0;

Oh, I am not happy about having an nsresult return value. I'd much rather return an empty rect in the error case.
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You got it, Joe. I'll make the change. Thanks for the review.
Incidentally, the one thing we lose here is the ability to tell the caller that they passed in an invalid FRAME_* enumeration value, but as I mentioned in bug 836124, that doesn't seem important, since any code that does that is just wrong. I'll make that print an NS_WARNING instead.
Made review changes. Shouldn't require another try run.
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