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Conditional pause on exceptions


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This would be an augmentation of the Pause on Exceptions feature in the Debugger. We would like a way to break on type of exception. E.g., break on StackOverflow.
OS: Mac OS X → All
Hardware: x86 → All
We can use the conditional breakpoints mechanism, after bug 812172 is done.
Depends on: 812172
If there is possible conditionally, Is there a reason not to break on StackOverflow under normal "break on exception" conditions?
It works fine for me:

Checking the "Pause on exceptions" option and clicking the button causes the debugger to pause with an InternalError exception.
Priority: -- → P3
Summary: Conditional Break on Exception → Conditional break on exception
Summary: Conditional break on exception → Conditional break on exceptions
Summary: Conditional break on exceptions → Conditional pause on exceptions
^ patch that implements the feature, together with "$scriptUrl" and "$exception" variables.
Assignee: nobody → rob
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Bug 836298 - Add conditional pause on exception

Hey Rob,

I hate to do this but we are not investing in the old debugger anymore. The old test suite particularly is in bad shape and doesn't run very well on our build infrastructure because it's too heavy. We should avoid changing the old debugger because right now we know that it works and it's something that people can fallback on if the new debugger is broken (by flipping a pref).

Sorry that you did all this work without knowing this. If you'd like to contribute to the new debugger, see here: We're early on in the process, so it may be a little while before we are ready for an advanced feature like this (we don't even have popups yet), but feel free to file an issue and we can help mentor.
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Assignee: rob → nobody
Product: Firefox → DevTools
Type: defect → enhancement
Priority: P3 → P5
Blocks: dbg-control
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