Commit prebuilt version of xulrunner (initially for linux-x86 build hosts)



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I'm pretty sure we filed this in github (wow flashback), but nothing ever came of it.  We should commit a prebuilt xulrunner to help developers hacking on the project.  This centralizes more of the necessary downloads and makes it easier to tag all the required bits (one less server to fail in the future).
That's going to add at least ~400MB to the git repository each time we update the linux xulrunner-sdk and that's only if we keep it compressed.  Because the tarballs on linux are generated with duplicate files instead of links, the uncompressed size of Xulrunner is 1.1GB for linux.  Storing uncompressed would be better for the git packing system, but with a higher initial cost.

I can take this bug, but because we won't be able to easily remove it once it's pushed, we should be 100% certain that we want to add hundreds of MB to the repository over time.
We can create new repos for version bumps, xulrunner-18, xulrunner-21, etc.  Existing manifests will continue to work.

That's a bit more painful for downstream but maybe worth it.  Thoughts?
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We already maintain an internal xulrunner .git around here.  It's 561MB at the moment (just the .git/)

|git log| says that we haven't picked up a new version of xulrunner since Oct 22, 2012.   We had 10 updates to xulrunner since this system was put into place in July.
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FYI, bug 812105 shrunk the linux xulrunner tarballs down by about a factor of 10.

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