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Ensure that when a mozbrowser/mozapp process crashes, the embedder always gets a mozbrowsererror(fatal) message


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I'm afraid we may have a race condition which could cause us not to fire a mozbrowsererror message when a mozbrowser/mozapp frame crashes.

There are two different cases here with respect to process creation.

If we're loading the requested frame using an existing preallocated process, that process might die at any time, before or after BrowserElementParent is initialized.  Our BEP could miss the oop-frameloader-crashed notification if it's not created before the child process dies.

If we're loading the requested frame into a new process, we could feasibly initialize BEP before we create the process.  I'm not sure if we do, but I think we probably don't (and probably do not want to, for reasons of app loading speed).
I don't think this needs to block; I'm doing work that hopefully makes it unlikely that we'll crash before we load BrowserElementParent.js (which is responsible for notifying Gaia of the crash).

I'd still like to fix this, though, because getting into this state is quite scary (you have to go into the cards view and close the app from there in order to get the app back into a functioning state).
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Closed: 4 years ago
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