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Get symbols for builds used on keon and twist


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Gonk (Firefox OS)
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I heard that Keon phone might have been handed out to developers already, and I saw a Mozilla dev with both Geeksphone devices  at FOSDEM.

In any case, we have seen and are seeing crashes come in from those devices, see or and look for "keon" and "twist" in the "Device" column.

Right now, we don't have symbols for the Gecko on those devices, which means those crash reports are mostly useless for us. We need to get the creators of the builds for those devices to hand us the symbols and get them pushed to our symbol server, so we can actually see what's going on and improve stability based on those reports.
mtreese - who can we get in contact with about Geeksphone binary builds?
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FYI I've requested that Geeksphone generate and then send us the symbols. Will update here when I have more info.
If anyone there needs a technical contact feel free to send them to me.
We constantly are getting crashes from those devices, but still missing symbols. Any progress there?
FYI I'm still working on this.
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Geeksphone is now posting these on their FTP site. To whom should I pass along access credentials?
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If they're going to be doing builds on a regular basis we should provide them a login to and let them upload symbols themselves. Putting a Mozilla person in the loop to do it manually isn't a great procedure (we did that in the past with Adobe, it's a mess).
See what Ted said. He'll create a doc today that we can point any partners to that states how this should work (what account is needed, how to get it, how to build symbols and upload them).
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Christie forwarded me info to fetch symbols for the current Keon and Peak builds via their FTP site, and I've uploaded them to our symbol server. I'll write up that MDN doc today.

I also filed bug 864730 on getting Geeksphone an SSH account to handle this on their own in the future.
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