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[Overdraw] Don't make all content visible on startup


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The about:home (and other layers) are on top of a TabsPanel. Logically on startup, we don't show it right away. However, that's inflated as "visible", and a layer of about:home is drawn over it. Overdraw?
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This doesn't show TabsPanel when it starts up. This shows TabsPanel only when needed, and hides it when not shown.
We are going towards GREEEEEEN.
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Attached patch Part 1: TabsPanel (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Had a wrong value for an attribute. Rectified here.
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LayerView needn't be "visible" when Fennec starts up. If we are restoring a session, it can be shown. Or, we can leave about:home to load, and make it visible when user navigates to a new page.

I made it gone, and had the overdraw reduce further. Just BLUEUEUEUE:

However, I'm not sure where all we need to make it visible. Could someone from graphics take care of that part?
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The thumbnails are interesting. They can have a firefox logo with a translucent background when there is no bitmap available. They can have a "+" image with a translucent background when the space is empty. Or, they can have a thumbnail. In first two cases, we need a background. In the last case we don't need. That's a win! :D
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Part 2: [WIP] LayerView

Let's ask Kats
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Part 2: [WIP] LayerView

Review of attachment 713294 [details] [diff] [review]:

In theory I don't have a problem with this being hidden on startup, as long as we show/hide it at the right times. AIUI this means we should:
1) show it in BrowserApp.hideAboutHome() (or wherever that is called)
2) hide it in BrowserApp.showAboutHome()
3) show it in's startup code path somewhere

I'm doing a build with these patches and can try to implement test what I just said above but it should be fairly straightforward so it might be faster if you do it as I may not get around to it until tomorrow or the day after.
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Part 2: [WIP] LayerView

Actually after trying out this patch and looking at the behaviour I'm not sure this is a great idea. If the LayerView isn't visible it doesn't create the GL surface and so we cannot properly set up the compositor. This causes the Gecko and compositor threads to block until the surface is available (which is behaviour that is already causing us some grief and that we should fix). With our current startup code though this will be painful. If there's a significant benefit from this patch we should look harder at cleaning up the startup code path so that the compositor doesn't require a GL surface on start, or so we don't try to create a compositor until we have a GL surface ready for it.
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Turn out that with "gone", onLayout() will not be called. And so, there were regressions on tablet sidebars as the actual width is not known. Making it "invisible" forces the layout, and there is a valid width for animation, and also no overdraw.
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