Proxy Auto Config issue calling ip (myipaddress) of VPN Network Adapter




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Steps to reproduce:

Since upgrading from firefox 17 calling the ip Address of the VPN Network adapter (Cisco Anyconnect Secure Mobility Client) does not get the correct information anymore. 
We use the function to let people connected to the company network via vpn not accessing internet pages via the companies proxy server.  It worked 100 % with firefox 17 and still works without any problems in Internet Explorer and Chrome. 

Actual results:

Calling the function myipaddress only gets the ip address of the physical network adapters. In Internet Explorer when connected via VPN it ALWAYS calls the VPN Adapters IP Address when a VPN Connection is established...


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5 years ago
We are having the problem with Windows 7 x86 and x64 machines aswell as on Windows XP SP3. The Macbook i am working on at home also ignores the VPN IP. I am on Version 18.0.2 on this machine. I will try to install 17.x and see what happens...
It's no surprise that this worked in Firefox17 because we had a major overhaul of the myipaddress function with bug 347307. See bug 347307#c23 how the myipadddress is determined.
Blocks: 347307
Component: Untriaged → Networking
Keywords: regression
Product: Firefox → Core
actually, in FF17 it was a bit of a crapshoot what myIPAddress() would give you if you had multiple addresses. Its nice it worked for you - it was just as badly broken for many other people who wanted it to return the vpn address sometimes and the physical addresses othertimes depending on the host being accessed :) There never was a deterministic way of making myIPAddress work before in a VPN environment. Hopefully we've improved on that with the below information:

>= FF18 gives you the local address that would be used to contact the remote host (the host passed to FindProxyForURL()) if a direct connection were to be used.. if you've got a VPN and the local computer has a route to the remote host across that VPN you should get the VPN address.

So I can think of two things going on

 1] you don't have a route to the end host or can't resolve the hostname of the remote host (because you are relying on the proxy to do that stuff)


 2] you are calling myIPAddress() outside of FindProxyForURL() (such as in a global scope in your pac) in which case the pac code doesn't know which route to use because it doesn't know which host you are trying to contact.. in that case just move it inside the function proper.
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