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See bug 841993 for the disaster the lack of this caused; without DMD, we would have been in a really bad spot.

The reason this stuff isn't leak checked is
 - in original and current desktop usage, we only hold onto one class there explicitly, the child process host.  Everything else is managed by it.
 - it's not moz code, sorta

But now with |opens| and |bridge| channels, we drag IPC:Channel out of ipc/chromium.  We were leaking those for ages and didn't know it.

Easiest thing to do is just let the moz code start trickling in there, starting with COUNT_CTOR/COUNT_DTOR.
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We currently have [1]:

  typedef IPC::Channel Transport;

We could just inherit into our own class that adds logging instead.
Oops, that is in http://mxr.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/source/ipc/glue/Transport.h#24
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4 years ago
bent: Will a leak reporter here help real leaks (ie. non-leak on shutdown?)
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Hm, not sure I understand the question. We definitely had real leaks that were not reclaimed at shutdown. We never saw them because these classes aren't instrumented.
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> We definitely had real leaks that were not reclaimed at shutdown.

Okay, that was the question.  Thanks.
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