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Create (private?) repo holding TEF customization data


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Since Mozilla Taipei and TEF digital is doing the actual customization work for the Spain/LATAM releases, please create a temp branch for the teams to store the customization work.
Yuren, since you will be the main dev working on the actual customization. can you provide more details on what branch you need for storing your customization work? Thanks
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Component: Release Engineering → Release Engineering: Developer Tools
QA Contact: hwine
clarifying use case with :jcheng in email.
Component: Release Engineering: Developer Tools → Release Engineering
QA Contact: hwine
it would be great if we have private repository to store TEF and other vendor branches for custmoization. because we have some modification like cusotmize data for apps arragement and extra external apps for vendor, if we have private repositories, vendor can fetch customized source code from there.

we use attachment on bugzilla currently to deliver customization package but it's not easy to manage and review changes.
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and because git/hg permission control is based on repository, we should create repositories for each vendor.
(continuing to hold off from triaging to correct component until we know impact to automation, CI or other systems.)

akeybl: per email from agal, this is something you will coordinate need for, and requirements? This includes questions of private/legal-lockdown, etc.

yurenju: good to know you have a workaround right now, even if it involves handing binaries as bug attachments. To be clear on the specific ask here: are you looking for private, write-only, drop-only repos, or do you also expect vendor-specific builds to be generated using the contents of these private repos?
I would like to have a repository for vendor-specific customization data but not for vendor-specific build. for example, this repository tree will looks like this:

 - wallpapers
 - ringtons
 - apps

each directory have different customization data like wallpaper and ringtons files. apps may contain 3rd party apps from vendor.
Summary: Please create temporary TEF customization branch → Create (private?) repo holding TEF customization data
And release engineer don't need to build vendor-specific builds using this content, vendors will build customize images by themself.
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Is this still needed?

re: comment #7 - If vendors are building custom images themselves, why would be hosting them?
(In reply to Chris Cooper [:coop] from comment #8)
> Is this still needed?
> re: comment #7 - If vendors are building custom images themselves, why would
> be hosting them?

The repos already exist, they were created and maintained by Telefónica, e.g.
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