Remove prefix from :any-link

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6 years ago
3 years ago


(Reporter: annevk, Assigned: wisniewskit)


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dev-doc-complete, site-compat
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6 years ago
We should remove the prefix here so people can start using it normally. Using :link:visited is annoying.


4 years ago
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Hardware: x86 → All
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Comment 2

3 years ago
I'm assuming it's still too early to un-prefix this, given that the spec is still a draft, and has a big "any better name suggestions for this pseudo?" note on it? If not, I wouldn't mind helping unprefix this.
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3 years ago
Thomas, see (and the duplicate I filed which says much the same) for why we should just go ahead and unprefix this.
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3 years ago
Would it be worth keeping the prefixed version around as well as a deprecation measure? I see almost no mention of the property online, so I don't suspect it has seen much use yet.
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3 years ago
I think for add-ons we might have to keep it around, not for web. David would know best though.
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3 years ago
While we decide, here's a patch that supports both the prefixed and unprefixed version.

A try run only shows unrelated intermittents:
Assignee: nobody → wisniewskit
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843579-unprefix_-moz-any-link.diff needs adjusting too, right?

r=me with that, but please send an intent to ship per the instructions at
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Comment 8

3 years ago
Sure, here's a version which revises the test to use ":ny-link" instead of ":moz-any-link" (without the leading hyphen, since it's testing for an invalid pseudo-class). Carrying over r+.

But should I be the one to write up the intent-to-ship? I certainly don't mind, but I'm not officially a Mozilla employee (though I will be applying sometime).
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3 years ago
Attachment #8772636 - Attachment is obsolete: true
You don't need to be an employee to send an intent to ship.  ;)

If you'd rather, I can write one up, but there's no real reason it can't be you other than your comfort level.
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Comment 10

3 years ago
No problem, I just wanted to make sure.

Email sent, requesting checkin.
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3 years ago
Pushed by
Unprefix -moz-any-link. r=bz
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3 years ago
Last Resolved: 3 years ago
status-firefox50: --- → fixed
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla50
Added the description for this at and a release note at

Keywords: dev-doc-needed → dev-doc-complete

Comment 14

3 years ago
Just FYI, my Intent to Ship email is probably stuck in a moderator queue, as I received the obligatory "you're new, so a mod has to vet your email" notice when I sent it, and I'm still not seeing it on!forum/

I'm not sure who to nudge about that, but I thought I'd at least let you know for starters.
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Hrm.  Looks like the dev.platform moderator is out until August 2 according to his bugzilla name.  That's not very useful...

For future reference, if you're subscribed to the list the mail will just go through, I believe.  But for the time being, want to send me the mail and I'll send it to the list for you?
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Comment 16

3 years ago
Sure, here's a fresh email (sorry that I let this ni slip for a few days):

Intent to ship: CSS4 :any-link pseudo-class

As of Firefox 50, I intend to unprefix the CSS4 :any-link pseudo-class by default on all platforms. This has been shipped as :-moz-any-link for years, and matches its spec (see The prefixed version will also remain active. WebKit/Blink have also been shipping it with their own prefix, :-webkit-any-link.

Link to standard:
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