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TSan: Thread data race in sipcc::PeerConnectionCtx::onDeviceEvent() vs. sipcc::PeerConnectionCtx::ChangeSipccState()


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During initial tests with ThreadSanitizer (LLVM version), we get a data race reported as described in the attached log. Trace was created on mozilla-central with changeset 122820:c233837cce08.

According to the TSan devs, most of the reported traces should be real data races, even though they can be "benign". We need to determine if the race can/should be fixed, or put on the ignore list. Even for benign races, TSan devs suggest to fix them (second priority), as they can also cause problems [1].

See Also: → 806825
Perhaps another way the sipcc startup code can go wrong, unless this is a "benign" race.

-> adam who's looked at this a lot
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This is another race related to Bug 839647. It looks like we need to move the signaling of the ccAppReadyToStart condition up a level, from CallControlManagerImpl::startSDPMode() to PeerConnectionCtx::Initialize() (immediately before it returns).

This should be fixed, but I would consider it ultralow priority at the moment. The CCApp thread will be doing a lot of stuff before it gets around to reading this variable, giving the main thread a very wide berth for its unsynchronized write (which happens immediately after the CCApp thread is given permission to start processing messages). It's a race that can't be lost.

This should be coupled with a removal of the non-atomic hack to PeerConnectionCtx::onDeviceEvent that moves state into a stack variable "to avoid a data race": once the condition signaling is moved, the race is completely eliminated.
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comment 2 sends the impression that this is blocking- now
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I'm going to go ahead and fix this now, since it'll clear up some uncertainty I have regarding the behavior I see in the logs for Bug 839677.
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Move condition signaling into PeerConnectionCtx init

Ethan: This is pretty much the same fix you reviewed for Bug 839647, but with the signaling of the condition moved up one frame.
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Here's a try (along with a patch for bug 846942):
Re-try after compile fixes for Linux & Windows:
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Move condition signaling into PeerConnectionCtx init

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