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Profiler leaks when opened and closed quickly.


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Windows 7
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Firefox 25


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This might be due to remote connection, or simply a profiler related issue, so CC'ed both Panos and Anton.

See for more information on how to reproduce. Bug 838069 will disable the test of opening the profiler via the shortcut key in the test "devtools/framework/test/browser_toolbox_window_shortcuts.js". Please re-enable that test when this leak is fixed.

Depends on: 838069
Depends on: 879008
I can't reproduce this locally. Is it still an issue for you?
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(In reply to Michael Ratcliffe [:miker] [:mratcliffe] from comment #1)
> I can't reproduce this locally. Is it still an issue for you?

I actually can't pin point this to Profiler. May be its profiler, or debugger or webconsole.

But I sure can tell you a way to reproduce the leak. Just try to run the test browser_toolbox_window_shortcuts.js with this [0] check removed on Windows XP or Mac OSX 10.6

The test opens all tools side by side.

If you cannot find the leak, then it might have gotten fixed by some other bug :)

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I am using a debug build at the moment so I will take a look.
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Mike, any luck with this?
(In reply to Rob Campbell [:rc] (:robcee) from comment #4)
> Mike, any luck with this?

Oops, I thought I had unassigned myself. Last I tried I couldn't reproduce the issue.
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Closing, since nobody can reproduce the issue. Re-open if you can.
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Its more like nobody has tried to reproduce. I will reenable jsprofiler that was disabled in bug 838069 and pass it through try to see if it is actually fixed or not.
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Both Michael and myself couldn't reproduce. Anyway, removing it from the Profiler since you couldn't pinpoint to the Profiler in comment #2.
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Then let's enable profiler in the shortcuts test and land it. If there are no leaks on inbound, then that will confirm that profiler is not the culprit.
Why can't you use Try?
because in the original bug also, try never showed those leaks. It was only inbound that was showing the leaks. And by never, I mean I tried really hard to see the leaks over multiple try runs with multiple rebuilds.
try push with profiler enabled :

[This is just precaution, personally try never gave the leaks]
Let us re enable profiler in the toolbox shortcut test and see what happens.
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reenable proflier in shortcut tests

Review of attachment 777200 [details] [diff] [review]:

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landed in fx-team :
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Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 25
No longer depends on: 879008
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