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Find a way to conditionally execute Robocop tests depending on phone/device/os


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In bug 845767 I introduced an Autophone specific version of the robocop manifest due to the number of phone specific failures.

It should be possible to annotate the manifest and coordinate with robocop to conditionally execute tests depending on the phone model, screen size and android version.
thanks :bc, we have some of this taking place in tests, but we should find the most appropriate way to get that from mozinfo and into the manifest.  I have some thoughts here, and will expand them when I get some time to write them out in detail.

:gbrown, any thoughts on this?
I would like to have some type of platform attribute definition file which lives in the tree.  This might look something like:
 {'width': 1600,
  'height': 1200,
  'opengl': false,
  'dpi': 314,
  'hardware': 'vm',
  'mouse': true,
 {'width': 1280,
  'height': 720,
  'opengl': true,
  'dpi': -1,
  'chrome': false,
  'a11y': false,
  'mouse': false,
  'hardware': 'reference_board'

then our test harness could accept a '--device panda-android40' which would allow us to know information about what we are testing on prior to launching the browser.  End result would be information at the manifest parsing level!
Priority: -- → P3
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