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Remove obsolete files for Android XUL Fennec: embedding/android/ and mobile/xul/


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(4 files, 2 obsolete files)

Attached patch remove-xul-android.patch (obsolete) — Splinter Review
I think there are other files in the embedding/ directory that are not used by any other products, but I'll let someone else weed those out. :) AFAICT, the only embedding/ files used by Metro are the embedding/components/webbrowserpresist/.

Here is try build that is green for all platforms except B2G:

The B2G break do not look related to my changes. Here is a try build from the same mozilla-inbound revision without my patch. B2G is still red:
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After a quick look, this seems fine. We do want to move the "VideoPlayer" parts to /mobile/android/base. We used that in XUL fennec to act as a fallback "youtube" video player for platformas without the real Youtube player: Amazon Kindle and Cyanogemod.

Can you make a patch to port it over to mobile/android ?
We have bug 844414 for that.
f? This patch moves the XUL into mobile/android. Unfortunately, this code DOES NOT work as-is.

I'd like to land this code, but disable it. This code does not affect devices that have an official YouTube app and leaves devices like the Kindle Fire without a YouTube app no worse for the wear. If we decide to support the Kindle Fire, we can debug the YouTube URL problem then. <:)

When we ask YouTube for a manifest of a video's available formats, the manifest's video URLs return HTTP 403 Forbidden. Requesting the same manifest on the desktop browser returns different video URLs. If I substitute the desktop manifest's video URLs on Android, the videos play correctly in the XUL VideoPlayer. YouTube returns the same forbidden URLs on Android even if I use the desktop browser's User-Agent on Wi-Fi.
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I agree with landing this and debugging the URL issue later.
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I need to determine whether we support H.264 or Flash on the Kindle Fire. If we do, then the YouTube desktop website should work and this YouTube app problem should only affect the mobile website.
I found some more XUL code to remove and was too lazy to file a new bug so I'm throwing it here :)
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Remove some more XUL fennec entrails from widget/android

Review of attachment 722722 [details] [diff] [review]:

LGTM! \o/
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This patch ports from embedding/android/ to mobile/android/. As noted in the above comments, IT DOES NOT WORK but it is not expected to be invoked. This patch is mostly to just keep hang onto this code until needed.
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Clean up style nits.
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rm -r embedding/android/
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I never actually landed attachment 722722 [details] [diff] [review] under the assumption that you would.. but I should have made that clearer. Landed now, marking bug reopened so it will get closed again (properly) once it is merged to central.
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