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Permission database not setup correctly for b2g


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In bug 846090, I noticed that allowXULXBL permission isn't set for b2g mochitests.
This is working fine on desktop Firefox mochitest, afaik.
b2g reftests worked around this by setting this permission from within javascript:

However, that is not the solution, this permission setting should be possible from the python script. setupPermissionsDatabase is located here:
Perhaps this is all working correctly, but is permission.sqlite not used from gaia at all, but is it using a different permissions database or something?
Ok, some relevant info from bug 846090 about this:
From irc:
[22:10]	<gwagner>	mw22: the appId has to match. otherwise we don't allow any permission
[22:11]	<gwagner>	mw22: I see that you always use appId 0

my question, how can you know the appId?
[23:00]	<fabrice>	mw22: it can ba anything, but it has to match what's in the webapps.json

The permission database which is written here (for allowXULXBL):
So it has to add the appId of the mochitest app in order for this to work.

I tried to get something working with: (from bug 846090, comment 27)

In bug 846090, I added a workaround for this, that allows the allowXULXBL permission to work.
For reftests, a similar workaround was added here:

These workarounds could be removed once this bug would be fixed, properly.
Summary: Setting up permission database not working for b2g mochitest? → Permission database not setup correctly for b2g
Closed: 4 years ago
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