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my dashboard should be able to refresh on its own


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I really really love the new "My Dashboard" feature on b.m.o, but I find myself refreshing the entire page whenever I switch to that tab, because it's quicker than finding all of the "Refresh" links for the different sections.

It'd be great if the dashboard could refresh itself every N minutes.
we should listen for visibilitychange events, and avoid updating the dashboard if the tab isn't currently visible.
What would be a good value for N minutes? 5, 10? not 1 min I hope :)
i think 15 minutes is reasonable; 10 at a stretch.
I actually think it should refresh also when it is not visible. So that it's "ready to use" when I focus onn it.
Type: defect → enhancement

I can see this happening on a schedule when the tab has focus or triggered when the tab comes back into focus.

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Keywords: good-first-bug
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I would like to work in the bug. is it available ?

I want to extend the functionality of auto refresh to javascript show_bug page

*I want to extend the functionality of auto refresh to show_bug page

(In reply to aji.yash13 from comment #7)

I would like to work in the bug. is it available ?

Please follow the instructions in Comment #6, above.

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