B2G Update Tests: Fixup flash.sh generation and staging to better support 2 stages



6 years ago
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6 years ago
Right now the "staging" of the FOTA flash zip and flash script happens in releng infrastructure, while the actual running of the smoketests happens in a WebQA Jenkins that downloads these files (along with the complete update MAR)

The original smoketest frontend was designed to have updates staged and ran on the same machine, so some things are less than optimal:

* There's quite a bit of code for just pulling the flash.zip / flash.sh and putting them in the proper directory structure required for the "--data-dir" argument of run-smoketests.py. This code should be moved out of the jenkins job, and into a new script in the update-smoketests dir.

* There isn't currently a good way to pull the Build ID of the flash.zip without parsing the generated flash.sh, which IMO is a big hack. This can easily be remedied with the generation of a simple JSON file.

* The generated flash.sh script has the absolute path to the flash.zip from the releng box, which has to be replaced with the flash.zip path on the WebQA jenkins instance. Instead of generating this hardcoded path during staging, the flash.sh can just be generated when the smoketest is run.
Component: Marionette → Gaia::UI Tests
Product: Testing → Firefox OS
This is vastly out of date and I believe the update tests went in a different direction. Also, modifications of the flash script would not be part of the Gaia UI tests component.
Last Resolved: 3 years ago
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