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Remove front-end UI for unused npapi-carbon-event-model-failure plugin error.


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Bug 628651 and bug 598223 added a "npapi-carbon-event-model-failure" case for plugin failures. AIUI, this can only happen when all of  the following is true:

 * you are running a 64-bit OS X build
 * you have a a 32-bit plugin running OOP
 * that plugin wants to use the Carbon event model

When that happens, we offer to restart the app in 32-bit mode so the plugin can run in-process. But now bug 839206 is moving the plugin-install code out of pluginUnavailable(), and removing the "PluginNotFound" event handing there which this carbon-failure stuff can fall back to...

This code runs there currently:

  #ifdef XP_MACOSX
  if (eventType == "npapi-carbon-event-model-failure") {
    // if this is not a Universal build, just follow PluginNotFound path
    if (!macutils.isUniversalBinary)
      eventType = "PluginNotFound";

I think the Universal check is bogus and actually dead, and the fact that we get a carbon-failure implies we must be a Universal binary.

If we're not a Universal binary, then both Firefox and plugin-process are of the same architecture. If they're 32-bit, then this error shouldn't occur because Carbon events will work. If they're 64-bit, then this error shouldn't occur because we don't give 64-bit plugins the option to request Carbon (also, bug 598223 originally hid this error code behind #if defined(__i386__), but I see it's slightly different now).

Egro we can remove this check.

If I'm misunderstanding, the other option is to simply move this check earlier.

[Dare I ask if we even need to retain this carbon-failure UI any more?]
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We turned off support for the Carbon event model in bug 598397 for Firefox 19. Rip off the bandages.
Assignee: nobody → dolske
Depends on: 598397
Summary: Remove some dead code in npapi-carbon-event-model-failure processing → Remove front-end UI for unused npapi-carbon-event-model-failure plugin error.
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This effectively backs out bug 628651 (which added this UI). I didn't get into the nsNPAPIPluginInstance.cpp code that sends this event, figured tugging on that thread would unravel more that I want to tackle right now. :)
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Note that we still want to fail "neatly" (without crashing) when someone tries to load a plugin that requires the Carbon event model or the QuickDraw drawing model (which we desupported as of FF 18 at bug 598401).
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