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Investigate using quitter.xpi for terminating fennec in autophone s1s2 tests


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We currently terminate fennec in the s1s2 tests simply by killing it. This seems to be less than ideal to me. Jesse's quitter extension is almost tailor made in that it can exit the browser either after a specific period of time or on an event such as the load event.

killing fennec from the shell shows:

I/ActivityManager( 2810): Process org.mozilla.fennec (pid 6398) has died.
I/WindowManager( 2810): WIN DEATH: Window{4090f9b8 SurfaceView paused=false}
I/WindowManager( 2810): WIN DEATH: Window{4096f988 org.mozilla.fennec/org.mozilla.fennec.App paused=false}
D/Zygote  ( 2597): Process 6398 exited cleanly (15)

Modifying quitter to include fennec's uuid, installing it and loading an example page from sdcard shows that it will terminate the browser with the following message:

D/GeckoAppShell( 5905): Killing via System.exit()

It does appear that when killing on page load, the Throbber stop message is sent to logcat.
fwiw, I'm using an expanded version of quitter as a helper for my DOM fuzzer:
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contains a binary file (quitter.xpi), use git apply
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Attached file updated
Need to update both the versions of the files in autophone but phonedash as well.
I ran this (plus the changes for caching/noncaching) for Jan-Mar a couple of times using my extra nexus s and gs2. It does appear smoother and may not show the apparent 'jan 16' regression. I need to rerun with the full set of phones to be sure.
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Looks fine.  I'm wondering if the first-run thing should be moved to the worker or something, since presumably this would affect other tests, but I guess it's okay for now.

@@ +55,5 @@
>      iterations = 20
>      resulturl =
> +    # initialize_url is loaded prior to the other urls in order to
> +    # initialize the profile.
> +    initialize_url = file://mnt/sdcard/s1test/initialize_profile.html

It would be better to build this URL in the test by looking at the device's test root, and then appending a path onto that.
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As discussed, forget the comment about the URLs for now, since it was already a problem with our local-* tests.  I filed bug 852264 to fix that properly.
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::: tests/
@@ +108,5 @@
> +                except DMError:
> +          'Attempt %d to kill fennec failed' % kill_attempt)
> +                    if kill_attempt == max_killattempts - 1:
> +                        raise
> +                    sleep(kill_wait-time)

Just realized that there is a typo here.  Should be sleep(kill_wait_time).
damnit. That's what I get for making a last minute change. I made that same mistake earlier too. :-(
Attached patch patch v2Splinter Review
This moves the initialize profile to just after the prepare_job since we don't need to initialize the profile for each test iteration.

It also changes the wait_for_fennec to return True if fennec exited without needing to be killed and to return False if it did need killing. This allows us to check that fennec exits normally after initializing the profile and to terminate the test if it does not. The helps prevent cases where a hung browser can cause the device to be stuck for hours testing a non-functional build.
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patch v2

Review of attachment 726848 [details] [diff] [review]:

Looks good, just one question.

::: tests/
@@ +203,1 @@
>              throbstop = int(throbstart) + max_time * 1000

This is from your last patch but I just realized--we keep a throbberstop of 0 if fennec *did* crash?
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If we don't have a throbberstop and crashed, the throbberstop stays 0. That way it will try another attempt and if it can't get a throbberstop it won't get submitted as a result with a long throbber time which swamps the other data points around it.

With the earlier run today, I think the firefox process was kept alive by the crash reporter dialog and it ended up waiting for the full 90 seconds. Of course while testing my local fix for the crash reporter dialog, my builds haven't crashed...
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