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[Australis-tabs-XP] Text color and icons are black with dark custom-theme.


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Windows XP
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When the window is not minimised, the theme appears to be drawn incorrectly
Is this still reproducible on UX? I think it was fixed by using the system text color.
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Yes, the problem when the window is maximized was solved. However, when it is restored there are still conflicts in the text color and window control buttons.
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I tried to reproduce this at one point but got stuck because on Windows XP 64-bit, theming custom non-MS themes seem to not work at all. Reporter, any chance of more detailed steps to reproduce this? :-)
obviously :)
-) Go to this page, download and install this visual style.
-) Open UX, and use it without light-themes.
-) Set the window in "restored mode".

I do not know if it happens in ALL dark custom themes, or only that are not developed by Microsoft.
M- for now unless this can be reproduced without third-party Windows themes.
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Is this a bug with current Nightly/Release as well? Or does Australis make it work? Screenshot of Nightly would be helpful.
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(Quoting Justin Dolske [:Dolske] from comment #11)
> Is this a bug with current Nightly/Release as well? Or does Australis make
> it worse? Screenshot of Nightly would be helpful.

scheco, dolske was asking about the regular mozilla-central Nightlies from not UX nightlies. We want to know whether Australis is making this problem worse.
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oh so sorry !..
Here are the screenshots with reg Nightly
Attached image Reg Nightly Restored
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Whiteboard: [Australis:M-][Australis:P?] → [Australis:M-]
Considering this only happens with a custom theme, I don't think we will invest in fixing this.
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