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[meta] Investigate performance on Browsermark


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(Keywords: meta, perf)

It's a whole-browser-engine benchmark that various people are starting to look at.  Relevant technical claims about it from are:

Browsermark measures browser performance by executing a variety of carefully studied tests in the browser. Browsermark scores are not influenced by Internet connection speed or latency.

Browsermark takes 4 minutes to run during which time it evaluate the browser’s performance with a rendering test, WebGl test, HTML5 video test, HTML5 web worker test, data manipulation tests, DOM operations test and text parsing tests.

Browsermark scores are in operations per second. When a browser (A) scores twice as much as another browser (B) on the same device it means that for a given test either:

* Browser A ran twice as many operations as browser B in the same time period
* Or browser A ran the test in half the time as browser B

I only heard about it today, don't know anything about it or its quality, just heard claims that we're slower on it than some other browsers/engines in some situations.
Depends on: 855542
Alias: browsermark
Keywords: meta, perf
Depends on: 758654
Blocks: WBGP
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Depends on: 940813
Depends on: 940815
Depends on: 940817
Depends on: 945452
Depends on: 1094255
Depends on: 1104898
Depends on: 1105337
Depends on: 1105348
Summary: Investigate performance on Browsermark → [meta] Investigate performance on Browsermark

Very slow WebGL render:
Making everything freeze, browser and OS slow during the WebGL test.


Severity: normal → S3
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