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ICU-based Intl.DateTimeFormat implementation doesn't meet BasicFormatMatcher spec


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The ICU-based implementation of Intl.DateTimeFormat relies on ICU's UDateTimePatternGenerator to map requested date-time components and their representations to ICU pattern strings. UDateTimePatternGenerator is an adequate implementation of the BestFitFormatMatcher abstract operation, but doesn't meet the specification of the BasicFormatMatcher abstract operation.

One problem is that the set of date-time components allows for 69,984 combinations, and the test case (ch12/12.1/12.1.1_BFM.js) takes 5 minutes on my Mac debug build just to collect information about all possible results.
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This test case is in the format for ECMAScript conformance tests (Test262 format), but hasn't been integrated into the ECMA-402 conformance test suite because it takes way too long (over 5 minutes in a debug build on my Mac).
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Summary: ICU-based Intl.DateTimeFormat implementation doesn't meet BascicFormatMatcher spec → ICU-based Intl.DateTimeFormat implementation doesn't meet BasicFormatMatcher spec
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