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(Reporter: gerv, Assigned: glob)




Can we please have one of those simple "new bug" forms for bugs relating to the Internet Public Policy module (bug 853886)? It would have the following fields, with the names at the beginning of each line and the in-field placeholder text (use HTML5 :-) in round brackets. All boxes are single-line text unless marked "multiline" or a set of options is given (drop-down single-select list).

Area: <choose component - see bug 853886>

Summary: (Describe issue in one sentence)
Region/Country: <no placeholder text>
Description: (Explain the legislative or policy activity which is happening) - multiline
Relevance: (Why should Mozilla care? What’s the impact on the open internet?) - multiline
Goal: (What would success look like for Mozilla?)
When: (Describe the timeline or due date)
Priority: Options are "Urgent" (-> P1), "Needs Attention Soon" (-> P3), "When You Get To It" (-> P5).
Additional Information: (Please supply links to relevant articles/websites/organizations)

Summary is the summary; all the rest apart from priority are copied, with their labels, into the initial description.

Please let me know if you need a more detailed spec.




5 years ago
Assignee: nobody → glob

Comment 1

5 years ago
no need for a more detailed spec, however i do have:
- are all the fields mandatory?
- what should the default priority be?
- you've listed 'additional info' as a single-line field, it may make more sense for it to be multi-line
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Comment 2

5 years ago
also, do you want all bug filed into this product to be forced into using this form?
Mandatory fields: all except Additional Information. Default priority is P5.

Yes, additional info should be multi-line.

No, we don't need bug forcing. 

Thanks :-)

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Comment 4

5 years ago
i've put the form up for your review at https://bugzilla-dev.allizom.org/form.ipp
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Summary: Internet Public Policy" new bug form → "Internet Public Policy" new bug form
Apart from calling the form "Internet Public Policy Issue" rather than "Request", this is great. Thanks :-)

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Comment 6

5 years ago
Committing to: bzr+ssh://bjones%40mozilla.com@bzr.mozilla.org/bmo/4.2/
modified .htaccess
added extensions/BMO/template/en/default/bug/create/comment-ipp.txt.tmpl
added extensions/BMO/template/en/default/bug/create/create-ipp.html.tmpl
Committed revision 8719.
Last Resolved: 5 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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