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Opening an alert service notification crashes my browser


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Windows 7
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firefox21 --- unaffected
firefox22 + fixed


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(Keywords: crash, regression)

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Example crash:

Everytime a download completes and it attempts to show the alert service notification my firefox crashes. The line numbers suggest this starts in code from bug 782211 though the signature is very similar to bug 852436.

This is 100% reproducible for me and very annoying.
I've discovered that if I focus some other application before the alert opens then Firefox doesn't crash and the alert shows in the upper-left corner until dismissed, i.e. it doesn't automatically close after a short time.
I _might_ be hitting this: tried to close a notification that wasn't going away, and immediately crashed w/o the crashreporter -- :( :( :(. The stack I got from Apple's thing was

Nothing obvious about notifications there, though. Also OSX instead of Win7.
Keywords: crash
I'm looking into this.
Assignee: nobody → wchen
Keywords: regression
Not sure if this isn't actually a dupe of bug 852436.
Crash Signature: [@ JSAutoCompartment::JSAutoCompartment(JSContext*, JSObject*) ]
After reading the comments in bug 852436 I suspect the crashes we are seeing are related to my changes to the XUL alerts. In particular, I pass the previous alert window as an argument to nsIWindowWatcher::OpenWindow and this eventually calls WrapNative with a non-inner window. Oops. The previous alert window was only passed so that the new alert could replace it, but the patch I've attached will close the previous alert and create a new one which is still compatible with the notification spec.
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If you want to spin a try build for this I can verify it fixes my crashes tomorrow
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Don't pass window as argument when opening new window for alerts service.

After talking with mrbkap about this, it looks like this happens because of bug 852436 and the patch attached there seems to fix this problem.
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marking dupe per comment 7.  If that fix turns out not to address this issue, we'll reopen this for investigation.
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I'm no longer crashing when alert notifications are meant to happen, so that's awesome. However it looks like alert notifications just don't appear anymore.
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