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Disable Win64 by default on try and update trychooser


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Windows Server 2008


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Attached patch disable win64 by default on try (obsolete) — Splinter Review
I have tried testing this patch locally without any luck.

I'm using this:
buildbot sendchange --master localhost:9101 --revision default    --branch try --username armenzg --comments "try: -b do -p all -u none -t none" doit

To setup the master:
./ master bm31-try1

To avoid setting up a mail server:
--- a/mozilla/
+++ b/mozilla/
@@ -142,6 +142,6 @@ BRANCHES = {
         'download_base_url': '',
         'mobile_download_base_url': '',
-        'enable_mail_notifier': True,
-        'notify_real_author': True,
+        'enable_mail_notifier': False,
+        'notify_real_author': False,
         'package_url': '',
         'talos_masters': [],
My main test is to dump out all the try schedulers, find the prettyNames for what you're interested in, and make sure that the values you're interested in contain the substring "try-nondefault". If I do that with your patch, it looks good for the regular 'try' branch, but it doesn't get the 'try-comm-central' win64; did you want that too?
Blocks: 814009
OS: Mac OS X → Windows Server 2008
Hardware: x86 → x86_64
Summary: Disable Win64 by default on try → Disable Win64 by default on try and update trychooser
I've posted a patch that adjusted the build and try sides:

I decided to move the try part of it to it. That way more people can see where it got done.
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win64 builds can be triggered with: "try: -b o -p win64 -u none -t none"
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