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Pass in symbols_path to marionette unittests and set minidump_stackwalk


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Marionette should check for crashes at the end of a test run (or timeout).
I realized that all the gecko work for this was done in bug 843296 and bug 849270, so morphing this bug to take care of the mozharness side.
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QA Contact: catlee
Summary: Run check_for_crashes for marionette/webapi tests → Pass in symbols_path to marionette unittests and set minidump_stackwalk
Whiteboard: [mozharness]
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I can't land this until both the last patch from bug 843296 and bug 849270 have landed everywhere that marionette is running, including b2g18-v1.0.1 etc..
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Patch 1.0 - pass in --symbols-path and minidump_stackwalk to marionette unittests

The thing I don't like about this patch is that it makes run-marionette require you to have run download-and-extract in the same run (you have to install minidump stackwalk in order to have self.minidump_stackwalk_path set, even if you installed it manually or in a previous run).  We have other inter-action runtime dependencies, but I'd like to eliminate them.

Could you either split out the path determination from the install, or make something like a query_minidump_stackwalk_path() that installs if it's not there, but otherwise returns the path without installing?
Addresses previous comment. I also switched the b2g emulator unittest script to use the new method.
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Patch 2.0 - split out path finding step from install step

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I added a dummy --symbols-path argument to the b2g18_v1_0_1 branch, but then realized it'll also need to be added to beta and aurora (release doesn't run Mn tests). Sigh.
I pushed the dummy patch to aurora and beta too. Pushed this patch to ash-mozharness and awaiting the results:
Patch works on ash. I found an unrelated issue, but it's marionette related so checked this one in:
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