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[CODE CLEANUP] trailing whitespaces in image/src/*cpp


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Reading the Graphics code in image/src/ and noticed a lot of trailing whitespaces. My text editor automatically offers me to remove them so decided it is worth sharing and cleaning up.

If there is interest I could clean the code to follow
Attached patch trailing whitespaces removed (obsolete) — Splinter Review
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trailing whitespaces removed

You shouldn't be setting "review+" on your patch - you need to set "review?" (with an appropriate email address) as a request for a Graphics module owner/peer to review the patch, then they'll change it to "+" or "-" as appropriate.

In this case, I think the main question is whether the cleanup is worth the pollution of history/hg blame that it causes.
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Thanks for feedback. I agree that polluting the hg blame is the negative aspect of this cleanup. I wish there was a way to do this kind of cleanups without changing the history/blame of these lines.

I will find somebody else in the Graphics team to assign the review to since Joe is in vacations.
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trailing whitespaces removed

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This is certainly reasonable. Hopefully it doesn't cause Joe any unnecessary pain with bug 716140
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Thanks Jeff for the r+ :)
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Attachment #731176 - Attachment is obsolete: true
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rebased and updated

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setting it as checkin:?
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rebased and updated

You can just set the checkin-needed keyword at the top in the future. It's a bit easier for me to use.
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