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Steps to reproduce:

Created many folders under "Bookmarks Menu" and dragged unsorted bookmarks into newly created folders.

Actual results:

The original description property (name of shortcut) of some the shortcuts change to a description of a site I may of previously or recently to visited prior to moving the shortcut to a new/old bookmark folder. When I cursor over the affected shortcut(s) with the mouse pointer the shortcut description (name) resorts back to what it should be. Please note the following: 1) I have checked the properties and changed the description (name) of the shortcut with the same issue occurring. 2) This only occurs to dragged and dropped (into new folder) shortcuts. 3) Not all moved shortcuts have this issue. 4) Newly created unsorted shortcuts, toolbar bookmarks and sorted (not in a created folder) do not have this problem i.e the correct description is displayed. 5) The issue is only present in all folders created under the "Bookmarks Menu". 6) If using the menu bar; I select Bookmarks then select/highlight a folder the correct shortcut description (name) appears. 7) Sliding the mouse pointer up towards the top of the screen changes the shortcut description to an incorrect description. 8) Sliding the mouse pointer down reverts the text to the correct description name. 9) The effected shortcuts description have no relevancy to the actual shortcut links e.g. completely different website; One shortcut link for a Chinese post tracking site will be described as a superannuation fund I have a link to. 10) This appears to be a random event. I can drag and drop one shortcut today it will be OK. Tomorrow it will not. 11) The correct icon always appears and does not change.
Hope this helps. Happy to assist further. John (

Expected results:

Shortcut description properties should not change.


6 years ago
Component: Untriaged → Bookmarks & History
Can you reproduce the issue using this scenarios?
1) In safe mode:
2) With a new profile, please:

Before using a new profile you can export your bookmarks in a .html file and when you enter with the new profile you can import the bookmarks in order to reproduce the issue.
You can do this by clicking Bookmarks/Import and Backup/Export Bookmarks to HTML then Bookmarks/Import and Backup/Import Bookmarks from HTML.
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I'm marking this issue as incomplete since it hasn't been updated. Please reopen if it reproduces on latest Firefox versions and add the requested details. Thank you.
Last Resolved: 5 years ago
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