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USB Mass Storage and USB Tethering don't work on leo phone


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The leo phone I have sets sys.usb.config (and persist.usb.config) to pc_suite,adb.

pc_suite seems to enable USB Mass Storage, and USB Tethering, but our software is expecting to see rndis to enable USB tethering and mass_storage to enable USB Mass Storage.

We also expect to be able to toggle these independently (i.e. there are separate controls in the settings app).

So we need to figure out how to deal with this.
"pc_suite,adb" is the configuration name for LG USB driver.
It would enable following functions mass_storage,diag,modem,ndis,(adb).

We will change pc_suite to mass_storage, and also change functions to diag,modem,nmea,mass_storage,adb.

Anyways, I wonder if UMS and USB tethering doesn't work when enable at settings.
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When I tested UMS and USB tethering at the same time on our unagi phone, it didn't work, but I didn't spend any time trying to investigate what the issue was.
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Duplicate of this bug: 857898
We fixed this issue. Now, Leo uses config names as rndis and mass_storage.
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