CustomizableUI.registerWindow() isn't always called

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(Reporter: Unfocused, Assigned: mconley)


Firefox 28
Windows 8

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Seems this was added in the initial review, and I missed it... CustomizeMode is calling CustomizableUI.registerWindow(), therefore it only gets called on windows that enter the customization mode. Instead, it needs to be called for every window that has a toolbar/panel that gets built by CustomizableUI.

registerWindow() really just exists to ensure unregisterBuildWindow() gets called when the window closes - that cleans up the internal state of CustomizableUI that keeps track of build areas and widget instances. This was why the original code was hooking that up automatically whenever a build area (toolbar/panel) instance was registered - its cleaning up after those disappear (it's not so much about the window, but whats in the window). I think the intent was to decouple that, but I'm not convinced it should be decoupled.


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6 years ago
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Patch v1

Ah, yep - I see now. This patch moves the cleanup event handler registration back to when we register the toolbar.
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Patch v1

Review of attachment 735340 [details] [diff] [review]:

Should also:
* remove the public API for registerWindow (don't think it will cause harm by someone calling it, but it's still not an API that should be called by outside code)
* rename registerWindow to registerBuildWindow, so it matches unregisterBuildWindow
* move registerBuildWindow so it's right before unregisterBuildWindow

r+ with those tweaks.
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Patch v1.1 (r+'d by Unfocused)

Thanks Blair!
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