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Memory consumption increases to 2.4 GiB over a week (w/44 extensions enabled)


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Steps to reproduce:

Opened some tabs, browsed normally, left it open for a week.

Actual results:

Memory increased to 2.4 GB or so.

Expected results:

Memory should have stayed constant at around .5-1 GB.
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At a glance, this part looks the most suspicious to me:

├────692,717,904 B (65.95%) -- layout
│    ├──489,972,528 B (46.65%) ── style-sets
│    ├──104,415,960 B (09.94%) ── frames

I'm not sure what "style sets" are, though.
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Style sets are CSS stuff.

More suspicious is the fact that there are more than 30 windows, each of which contains 3 compartments.  I wonder if there's a leak there.

This is also interesting:

2,183 (100.0%) -- js-compartments
├──1,109 (50.80%) ── system
└──1,074 (49.20%) ── user

That's a lot of system compartments.  Oh, but you have 44 extensions enabled!  That's a lot.  621 of the system compartments have "bootstrap.js" somewhere in the name, so extensions explain that, I think.

But really, we need an about:memory diff to make sense of the increase.  Roll on bug 848560...
Depends on: 848560
Summary: Firefox uses too much memory → Memory consumption increases to 2.4 GiB over a week (w/44 extensions enabled)
Bug 848560 has landed.  Thanks for waiting.

Can you update to the latest Nightly and use the "Write reports to a file" button at the bottom of about:memory to take measurements before and after?  Thanks!
Now running the nightly, I'll upload some dumps if/when the memory usage spikes.
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The memory usage has been reasonable for quite a while... closing.
Closed: 6 years ago
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