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Make flex items pseudo-stacking contexts


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Per , the CSSWG has resolved that flex items should be painted as pseudo-stacking contexts.

Filing this bug on implementing that change.
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(I filed bug 858333 on the same change for table cells. Ideally, this bug and that bug should land around the same time, so that we're consistent on this behavior.)
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This patch changes the paint flags we use for flex items, so that they'll be pseudo-stacking-contexts, and it adds a reftest to test for that behavior.

This patch also marks one test as failing -- the test compares a flex container (in the testcase) vs. a table (in the reference case), and there's some overlap between adjacent flex items / table-cells.  Until bug 858333 is fixed, the overlap will render differently between tables vs. flex items.
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No new code changes in this patch (this is a one-liner, for actual code changes).  Just test changes -- I tweaked the initial reftest a bit, and added a second reftest to explicitly ensure that we're making flex items *pseudo* stacking contexts, rather than "full" stacking contexts, by setting interleaving "z-index" values on children inside adjacent flex items. (The children overflow their parents (the flex items), so that they can visibly overlap & interleave).
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fix v1b

dbaron's out this week and traveling next week -- mats, if you happen to get to this before he does and feel comfortable reviewing, that'd be great!
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fix v1b

The code change looks fine as such, but perhaps you should wait with this
until the corresponding table cell issues in bug 858333 are resolved?
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Agreed. Looking at that bug now.
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(In reply to Mats Palmgren [:mats] from comment #6)
> The code change looks fine as such, but perhaps you should wait with this
> until the corresponding table cell issues in bug 858333 are resolved?

dbaron says we probably don't want to gate this on bug 858333 -- that one turned out to be trickier, due to the complex way that tables are painted, and it's still not even clear what the right behavior should be.

This bug, in comparison, is clearly-defined and simple to implement.  Plus, it'd be best to get this in ASAP, before too many people start developing complex flexbox-based web apps that this change might potentially break.

So: I'm going to go ahead and land this.
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[fantasai, do you know if this made it into the spec? Right now starts with "Flex items paint exactly the same as inline blocks", which doesn't seem right.]
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Sorry, disregard Comment 11; I'd forgotten that inline blocks themselves are pseudo-stacking contexts. (They are, per )

So, looks like this did make it into the spec, via the text quoted in comment 11. Hooray!
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