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add tests for scrollWidth on a table data TD cell in a fixed-layout table


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When the width of a TD is restricted in a fixed-layout table (table-layout:fixed), the TD's reported scrollWidth may be incorrect.

Please see the attached test case. I have tested Firefox 20.0, Firefox ESR 17.0.5, and Firefox 12.0 and found that the scrollWidth of `theTD' is 98. In Firefox Beta 21.0, Firefox Aurora 22.0a2 (2013-04-12), Chrome 26.0.1410.65, Safari 6.0.3, and IE 9, the scrollWidth is correct, ~293.

I used mozregression and found:

Last bad nightly (contains this issue): 2013-01-29
First good nightly (fixed): 2013-01-30


This range includes the patch for Bug 833542, and I think that the 833542 patch also fixed this bug.
So I'm confused.  If this is fixed... what's this bug about, exactly?
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This is fixed, yes. I wasn't sure if another test case should be created specifically for this bug given that the 833542 patch seems to have fixed this bug unintentionally.
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Ah, I see.
Depends on: 833542
Summary: scrollWidth incorrect on a table data TD cell in a fixed-layout table → add tests for scrollWidth on a table data TD cell in a fixed-layout table
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Attached is my proposed Mochitest test file. When I run the test file in a build of Firefox @ 129356:4420f27742c7, I get the following result:

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Daniel, would you mind attaching that in diff form?
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Yeah, much better.  ;)  Now you just want to request review.  But since I'm here anyway, r=me, and thank you!
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Awesome! Thank you!

I guess this can be marked "FIXED"?
It will be once it's merged over to mozilla-central.
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