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Implement support for static attributes and operations in JS-implemented WebIDL


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Right now we try to do things with instance pointers, which is no good:

  ../TestJSImplGenBinding.cpp:22904:10: error: invalid use of member 'mImpl' in static member function
    return mImpl->GetStaticAttribute(global, aRv);

This involves figuring out how to expose static stuff; existing callback codegen never has to worry about it.
Do we have any ETA for this feature?
I don't think this is on anybody's radar.  Do you need it for something?
I tried to implement notifications in JS and they include a static method.
But it's not super urgent.
The main pain points for this are:

1)  How to represent GlobalObject in JS?
2)  How to find the method to call, given no instance object?

#2 is by far the bigger problem.  :(
I think I'll try this:

1) Generate static functions on the native binding class that call static functions on the *JSImpl class
2) Make the *JSImpl static functions call JS functions on the JS object of the XPCOM factory for the contractid of the WebIDL interface
3) add a helper to XPCOMUtils.jsm to create an object that inherits from the JS component's prototype and has a createInstance method, to be used as a _xpcom_factory on the JS component

GlobalObject can probably be reflected as a JS object?
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+1. We probably need this for Bug 951976 in the near future.
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:peterv, do you have a plan for this at all?  It seems like it's languishing, likely because of no really strong interest.  I think that I can generate that interest if that is what is holding you back.

I could probably manage to stumble my way through an implementation of this if it came to that, but I think we'd all rather someone with background in the area did the work.
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(In reply to Martin Thomson [:mt:] from comment #7)
> :peterv, do you have a plan for this at all?  It seems like it's
> languishing, likely because of no really strong interest.

It's not a matter of interest but of time. I'm currently working on non-binding things.

I have patches for this, but they've probably bitrotted. Most of the work is converting existing JS implemented bindings, and there are more of those added to the tree regularly.

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There are workarounds available if you're really blocked by this, but I need to figure out if they work for interfaces with both static and non-static attributes. I'll post in bug 1172785.
I'm interested in hearing about those workarounds.  I have a static method that I'd like to route to a C++ implementation somehow.
Oh, and if you feel like you don't have the time to clean up the bitrotted patches, please just throw them up here on the bug.  I might not be fast, but I think that I could produce something that works with only a modest amount of help from you or others.
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