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Change - Keep the Find bar open across tabs


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The current behavior:
-the Find bar is dismissed when opening or switching to a different tab

The Firefox desktop behavior: switching through tabs keeps the Find bar open with the previously searched word.

I think the behavior should be consistent with the Firefox Desktop behavior. This would make it easier to search for a word across different pages.
OS: Windows 8 → Windows 8 Metro
Summary: Keep the Find bar open across tabs → Change - Keep the Find bar open across tabs
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I like current behavior because the find bar is a lot more intrusive and occupies more real estate in metro compared to desktop.
There is a long-running effort to change desktop Firefox to match the current Metro behavior (bug 628179).  limi and brendan (among others) are in favor of this, but of course it's harder to make such a change in desktop Firefox.  I don't think consistency with desktop is a good reason to make this change.
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See Also: → 628179
Adding to what Matt stated above:
We definitely want the find bar to maintain a state specific to the tab.
Ideally, this means that, with an initial state of the find bar never having been opened, the following behavior is desired:
1. With tab 1 active, open the find bar.
2. Switch to tab 2. The find bar closes.
3. Switch back to tab 1. The find bar reopens with its previous input value restored.

This is non-trivial technically, but dismissing the find bar when switching tabs (making steps 1 and 2 work) is still preferable to keeping it open across tabs.
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Keywords: uiwanted
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OS: Windows 8 Metro → Windows 8.1
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