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create webgl mochitest run for android


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this is a test suite that will apply to both an tegra and panda platforms.  It has been shown that removing the webgl conformance tests from the mochitest chunk 1 yields great success for mochitest chunk1.  But we don't want to lose test coverage, so lets create a M(GL).

This will be done like so:
python mochitest/ --deviceIP --xre-path ../hostutils/xre --utility-path ../hostutils/bin --certificate-path certs --app org.mozilla.fennec --console-level INFO --http-port 30140 --ssl-port 31140 --pidfile /builds/tegra-140/test/../  --symbols-path= --test-path=content/canvas/test/webgl/test_webgl_conformance_test_suite.html

we added the --test-path to the cli, but removed:

I added :ahal on the CC line to keep the b2g guys aware that we will be doing this and changing android.json.  

I added the 3 headed sheriff team to the CC line so they are aware of this and can help make the M(gl) option.

A side benefit is we will probably be able to unhide M(1) on panda after doing this.
this should be able to run on all branches, although we would have to land android.json patches on all the branches.  So for now this would need to be selective based on branches.
What will the jobname be? (So I can add TBPL support)
mochitest-webgl ? Symbol 'gl' ?
Joel, what specific branches should it run on now?
Assignee: nobody → kmoir
all trunk based branches and aurora, basically not beta, release, esr :)
I tried to implement this several ways but none of them worked.  How do you specify  --test-path in our configs?
I tried 

 ('mochitest-gl', (
            {'suite': 'mochitest-plain',
             'testPath': 'content/canvas/test/webgl/test_webgl_conformance_test_suite.html',

(my previous patch had 'mochitest-webgl' which also didn't work. )

but this didn't work either, testPath wasn't appended to the command, will do some more investigation

argv: ['python', 'mochitest/', '--deviceIP', '', '--xre-path', '../hostutils/xre', '--utility-path', '../hostutils/bin', '--certificate-path', 'certs', '--app', 'org.mozilla.fennec', '--console-level', 'INFO', '--http-port', '30340', '--ssl-port', '31340', '--pidfile', '/builds/panda-0340/test/../', '--symbols-path=', "['--run-slower']"]
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buildbotcustom wasn't parsing testPath properly and was looking for testPaths instead, this is why the custom path wasn't working
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Forgot to mention that I tested this on my dev-master, here's an example of the mochitest-gl test
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patch for buildbotcustom

Review of attachment 745170 [details] [diff] [review]:

::: process/
@@ +5406,5 @@
>                      stepProc = unittest_steps.RemoteMochitestBrowserChromeStep
>                  else:
>                      stepProc = unittest_steps.RemoteMochitestStep
> +                if suite.get('testPath', None):
> +                    tp = suite.get('testPath', [])                   

Nit: some white spaces at the end of this line.
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patch for buildbotcustom

and fixed whitespace
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In production.
we need to make an adjustment here.  

we have:

we need:

this will allow us to close the browser when we are done.
jmaher: I ran this test with the new path on my dev-master, is this what you expected. Not sure how to tell if the browser could be closed.
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patch to fix test-path

Review of attachment 745306 [details] [diff] [review]:

thanks!  this will allow the test to run as a *suite* instead of a testcase.
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I remember thinking that I needed to put a [leave open] in the whiteboard after I saw jmaher's push land, so m-cMerge wouldn't close the bug from it, but apparently thinking it doesn't actually cause it to happen.
Resolution: FIXED → ---
And btw, these jobs are now hidden all over everywhere that has triggered an Android build since yesterday, so good luck to us all finding and unhiding them once they're no longer permaorange.
we just need a reconfig to get the tegra suite up and green, as for pandas...hmm.
in production
Depends on: 869365
Since bug 869365 has been fixed and I can see it in tbpl, I think this bug can be closed again.
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disable webgl in the m1 test suite (1.0)

Pushed to beta in since we're enabling Fennec-on-Panda one branch ahead of where this makes it possible for us to gaze upon mochitest-1 without being turned to stone.
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