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Robocop testDoorHanger and testSystemPages cause future reboots on pandas


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Consider this try run which enables testDoorHanger: testDoorHanger runs in rc2. On tegra, rc2 runs to completion and all tests pass. On Panda, rc2 fails on nearly every run, usually with a "blue" and "Remote Device Error: unable to connect to %s after %s attempts" -- the panda is rebooting during the rc2 run.

Some logs from that try run:
 - reboot during testFindInPage
- and
 - reboot while setting up testInputAwesomeBar (before browser launch)

Most logs show:


I think something in testDoorHanger is triggering the reboot, but the reboot is delayed, so it happens during one of the subsequent tests.

Here is a try run that runs testDoorHanger at the end of rc2. Now rc2 is green more often (but only a little) and there are similar failures, but (almost) always during testDoorHanger:
Mobile platform team discussed this bug as a "deep dive" item today. Ideas:
 - collect /data/anr/traces.txt
 - try removing geolocation part of test
geolocation could be the cause here.  We could insert the /data/anr/traces.txt into the logcat output, not too difficult.
Reboots persist when geolocation is removed. Here is a try run without geolocation and also without offline storage (just the login doorhanger test remains):
Trials arising from Comment 3 led to the discovery that the reboots happen even without testDoorHanger. Compare base line: (8 reboots in 18 rc2 runs) against runs with testSystemPages disabled: (no reboots in 18 rc2 runs).
Summary: Robocop testDoorHanger causes future reboots on pandas → Robocop testDoorHanger and testSystemPages cause future reboots on pandas
Disable test to reduce panda reboots while we investigate further.
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disable testSystemPages

Review of attachment 749283 [details] [diff] [review]:

alright, lets get green and work back towards enabling these tests :)
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Depends on: 872244
With testSystemPages disabled, enabling testDoorHanger still causes fairly-frequent reboots:

Disabling the geolocation part of testDoorHanger seems to run much better:

I want to test this again in a few days -- see if these results are consistent over time.
Duplicate of this bug: 874848
The same failure pattern is seen here, during a reftest: (thanks :philor!)
For the last week or so, I have been unable to reproduce these failures even with testDoorHanger fully enabled.

For example:

At wits end, I propose enabling the test again...but am open to other ideas.
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enable testDoorHanger

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oh fun stuff.
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enable testDoorHanger:

I will keep an eye on rc failures on inbound at least for the remainder of the day.
So far so good -- I do not see any signs of increased instability with testDoorHanger enabled.

Try runs with testSystemPages enabled look fine also. Compare: (testDoorHanger enabled) (testDoorHanger + testSystemPages enabled)

I feel like I have been chasing a ghost in this bug.
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enable testSystemPages

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Thanks for looking into this.  I wonder if it was something in Firefox that has since been fixed?  I would really like to see more retriggers on panda rc2 and see if we can keep the failure rate <7%.
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Final tally on
43 green
2 orange (both testMasterPassword)
5 blues (appear to be unrelated)
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