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Currently "Evangelism" is a component under some Product categories.
We have need to sub-divide "Evangelism" efforts into regions
and languages based on demand. This will also prevent the
number of components from increasing.



Non-US (CA,AU,GB)  Canada, Australia, United Kingdom
South America

Default owners as follows:

Non-US (CA,AU,UK):
South America:
I guess Non-US GB will overlap with Europe. Maybe we should
have instead:

Non-US (CA, AU)
Should the default owner also be the default qa contact?

Lets call the product "Tech Evangelism" so it matches the soon-to-be-created
project on the web site.

(although I'd still prefer for one of us to magically be inspired and 
find some other term that describes tech evangelism but doesn't connote
'net kooks' or 'we're goign to annoy you till you submit'. =)  dmose
suggested 'advocacy' but that's just as bad.)

by "non-us", do you mean "non-us english"?  Apparently, so since you
added "ca, au, uk".

There should be a default bucket for other areas. (middle east, africa,
pacific islands, etc)

I understand you're grouping things together by geography because the 
maintainers of sites in english don't necessarily speak english. What about
the opposite? Should problems with a japanese or arabic language site go
into the US bucket? It seems like hebrew and arabic sites will have smilar
problems no matter where they are located and should be grouped together.

Please come up with a paragraph (or a sentence) for each component that
describes to people filing bugs what kind of bugs are appropriate to file
in that component.

For US bugs, the default QA should remain Zach Lipton.

For the other intl bugs, I would suggest if is the owner then be the QA and vice versa, but that is up to Kat and Tristan.

I would rather not have the product name longer than 8 characters since it will
be truncated on reports.  If you really have an objection to Evangelism as the
product then pick whatever you think is proper but keep it at 8 characters or
less and keep enough of Evang in the name as possible.

There is to be a new project on called "Tech Evangelism"?
I am back from vacation and woudl like to move this forward.
Here are the component names and short descripotions for each.
If these are OK, please create the product, Evangelism or
Tech Evangelism and the following ocmponent names.

1. African: (Owner: Tristan Nitot, QA: Katsuhiko Momoi)

Evangelism bugs found on African sites or on sites which use an
African language such as Bantu.

2. Asian: (Owner: Katsuhiko Momoi, QA: Jon Rubin)

Evangelism bugs found on Asian sites or on sites which use an
Asian language. For this definition, Asian includes countries 
and languages of East, South and Southwest Asia. This category
also includes languages like Mongolian and Tibetan.

3. European: (Owner: Tristan Nitot, QA: Katsuhiko Momoi)

Evangelism bugs found on European sites or on sites which use an
European language. For this definition, European includes countries
and languages of Russia, Ukraine, former USSR Republics, Western, 
and East European countries. (United Kingdom is in this category.) 
Canadian French sites should be included here also.

4. Middle Eastern: (Owner: Katsuhiko Momoi, QA: Jon Rubin)

Evangelism bugs found on Israel, Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Iran, 
Iraq, etc. This category defines sites which use Hebrew or 
Arabic writing scripts no matter where they are located physically.

5. Pacific Islands: (Owner: Katsuhiko Momoi, QA: Jon Rubin)

Languages of the Pacific -- any of the languages classified under
region/country names like Indonesia, Micronesia, Melanesia, 
Polynesia, etc.

6. The Americas: (Owner: Katsuhiko Momoi, QA: Jon Rubin)

Evangelism bugs found on North, Central and South American sites. 
The sites in this cetgory use Spanish, Portuguese, Quechuan, or
other languages of the Americas (except English) and are located in 
the above 3 regions. Spanish and Portuguese sites in Spain and Portugal
should be classified under European. 

6. US English: (Owner: Bob Clary, QA: Zach Lipton)

English language sites in the United States.

7. Non-US English: (Owner: Katsuhiko Momoi, QA: Jon Rubin)

English language sites in Canada, Australia, New Zealand. 
Asa, can you work on this today?
Why doesn't anyone tell me this stuff?
Done. I think.
zach, the evangelism product owners will be 
moving the old "evangelism" component bugs to 
the new Tech Evangelism Product category. I am
done with my bugs. Since you're the QA contact
for US English, I thought that bclary had already
talked to you about this. 
Marking it fixed. If there is a glitch somewhere
we may re-open this but the product and component
names are in as we described above.
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I mailed Tristan about this, but I'll put it here, too.

How about a mozillazine article about the new structure? Just to make sure
alot of people know that they can file regional evang bugs.

I did submit an article about this to Mozillazine
on the day this bug was resolved as fixed. But I have not
seen my submission appear there yet.

I also submitted Status update to tor. This item has appeared:
vrfy fixed
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