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Follow-up: Combine Fragments/pre-Fragment layouts into a single pre-processed xml


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Through implementing multi-layer preference settings in bug 862116, we now have two sets of xml layout files to keep up to date. This is prone to errors/omissions.

The two sets of xml are necessary because we have to handle Fragments for tablets and (optionally v11+ phones) and pre-Fragments for pre-v11 phones; while the hierarchy is the same, the nesting code in layout has to specific either an Intent or a Fragment.

This should just basically be a single layout file that gets preprocessed into the correct Fragment/non-Fragment xml.
OS: Mac OS X → Android
Hardware: x86 → ARM
It may also make more sense to have the different files in xml-v11/ and xml/, if Android handles that correctly. That would at least make it more obvious that changes need to be mirrored into different xml files.
Re: comment 1: filed bug 873230 and added a patch.
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