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5 years ago
Over in bug #874221 we're determining what tags and pages we're going to pull StackOverflow content into.

The result set for these will likely be empty because none of the questions have been tagged with "firefoxos" as well as the respective topic tag (like "appcache").

For each of the topic tags, we need to find some good, relevant questions and tag them accordingly so they can be pulled in and keep the support box from being empty.

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5 years ago
Here's the plan on tagging:

* Every web app question that is about generic/already-standardized app-related technology, APIs, or use-cases (unbound to firefox apps or chrome apps specifics) will be tagged with all three of the following: "web-apps", "firefox-apps", and "chrome-apps".

* Any app-related questions about yet-to-be-standardized technology, APIs, use-cases, or specifics related to Firefox OS/WebRT will only be tagged with "firefox-apps"

This does two things: allows us to distinguish between standard and Firefox/Chrome specific app questions, which in turn allows us to add the "web-apps" 'standard app question tag' to questions that are no longer specific to Firefox/Chrome app flavors (when the topic - API, file format, etc - of their is standardized)
Summary: [support] Tag devhub-relevant, high quality questions on SO with firefoxos tag → [support] Tag app-relevant, high-quality questions on SO

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5 years ago
The StackOverflow integration is handled by the MDN team, who have their own bugs. So I am closing the ones over here.
Last Resolved: 5 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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