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Navigation inside PDF wrong by one page, but works on other browsers


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Steps to reproduce:

Have created a web site "" that contains FTP files created in Abode Acrobat. The site contains several files with the ability to navigate between files and within each file the ability to go to various pages (IF one presses the button to go to page 5 one goes to page 5. If one wants to return to the TOC page clicking on that TOC button takes on back to the index). On Explorer and on Chrome all the navigation works well.

Actual results:

On Firefox the navigation between files works just fine.  But within a file (kinetics or stoch) if one clicks page five one goes to page 4, ie clicking on page n takes you to page n-1. Clicking on the TOC buttons take you to the page above the index page again n-1. So in Firefox but not in Explorer or Chrome the paging is off by one page! So something strange must be happening with the Firefox indexing.

Expected results:

I would think that the Firefox brouser should work in the same way as the other two. Suspect that there is an indexing command in Firefox that is wrong.

You can access the web site "" and see for yourself. Note (1) on the router page only the kinetics and stoch buttons are presently active. (2) In the kinetics and stoch modules only the buttons on the bottom of  the blue title page take you back to the router. The index with all of the page buttons is placed on the second screen. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I do not know what version i have, could not find it anyplace!
OPs website offers learning material as PDF files. They are created with MS Publisher 2010. 

Using the internal PDF viewer in Nightly the navigation inside those files is not working properly. The target is always missed by one page.
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Summary: FTP website on Firefox does not work, but does on other brousers → Navigation inside PDF wrong by one page, but works on other browsers
I can reproduce. For what it's worth this pdf behaves the same way in OSX preview.
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