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Alias PluginContentURL->URL and PluginUserComment->Comments in the processor


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In bug 648675 we added plugin URLs and comments. For accident-of-history reasons, those are not sent with "URL" and "Comments" keys, but rather "PluginContentURL" and "PluginUserComment".

Can you please change the collector and/or processor to alias these together so that in postgres and therefore the frontend they use the existing URL and Comments fields?

This code is in Firefox 21, so if it's not too hard to do, I'd like this in a release soon so that everyone (especially the triagers, scoobidiver and alice) can see the comments?
I believe we can do this with the Processor's rewrite rules.  If so, then we need no code changes.  We'll just need add a couple lines to a table in Postgres...  I'll investigate and report back.
No joy.  I have to add a minor amount of code to accomplish this task.  

github PR 1257 covers this change:
Assignee: nobody → lars
Target Milestone: --- → 48
Commit pushed to master at
Merge pull request #1257 from twobraids/other-rewrite

Fixes Bug 874505 - added new rule to copy Plugin url and comment...
Closed: 9 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Attached file test crash
this attachment is a crash that will trigger both of the rewrite transform rules in this bug.  After processing this crash from the perspective of the UI, the "URL" should contain ""  and the "User Comments" field should contain "this is a bogus comment"
Whiteboard: [qa-]
Commit pushed to master at
Remove unused rule predicates and actions

transform_rules had a section for 'useful rule predicates and actions' dating back 5 years. Only one of the methods was referenced outside of testing the methods directly. That reference is implicit, in an alembic migration as the fully qualified path to the method. We no longer use postgres for storing rulesets. I did some archeology to PR 1257 and bug 874505, and can confirm there are rules in the current architecture that implement this functionality without using the DB or referencing these specific methods.
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