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Scrollbars of <select> popup should flash when the dropdown appears


(Core :: Layout, defect)

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Tracking Status
firefox23 --- unaffected
firefox24 - affected
firefox25 - affected
firefox26 --- affected


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Steps to reproduce:
1. Scroll to the top of this bug.
2. Click the Product: Core <select> box.
3. Be confused about the number of options in the appearing dropdown.

The scrollbars in the dropdown should flash upon opening.
Whiteboard: [lion-scrollbars=]
This should apply to all overflowing views. Mac OS does that everywhere, even my Finder sidebar shows the scrollbars for a moment when it overflows. 

Shall I file a new bug or should this bug be morphed into one with a broader scope?
(In reply to Florian Bender from comment #1)
> This should apply to all overflowing views. Mac OS does that everywhere,

I don't see this behaviour in Mountain Lion. The same goes for the "Product" <select> box. Safari shows all elements in a big menu + arrows that indicate that there are more elements not currently visible. 

I only see the flashing behaviour in <select> elements that has a size attribute defined.
The problem is that Firefox' SELECT drop down menus don't look like drop down menus from the rest of Mac OS X. Firefox should probably adopt this style, however until then the current implementation should not be so confusing WRT scrollbars. 

I'm still constantly tripping over this annoyance, yet I don't learn. There's always the (at least) split second I'm wondering why there are just so few items in a drop down.
Requesting tracking, I do believe that this will trip up normal (i. e. non power users) quite a lot, especially as I, as a power user, always get confused even though I know what the "problem" is!
I discussed this offline with :spohl and although this is minor annoyance but this is not a blocker for shipping scrollbar and this would get fixed in future releases.
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