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ASan startup crash with Clang 3.3rc1


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With the Clang 3.3rc1 version that we're aiming for in bug 870173, we do have a startup crash on ASan which renders ASan unusable and therefore blocks the update. It crashes because we call clock_gettime in the main binary but it is not linked to librt (instead, is linked to it and that is dlopened). ASan now intercepts clock_gettime and calls a NULL ptr when calling the real function.

ASan devs solved this already for us: Revision r182645 in the clang repository fixes this by forcing -lrt when clang links the ASan runtime. The patch is easy and should also be easy to apply/backport to the revision we're aiming for.
Nathan, can you see if you can get that patch upstreams on 3.3?
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> Nathan, can you see if you can get that patch upstreams on 3.3?

Request sent; will follow up as needed.
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The patch landed in the 3.3 repo as of r182944.  Christian, I assume that means we can close this?
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Sure, if the patch is backported, then this shouldn't be an issue anymore :) I can't check it right now, but I tested the original patch and that fixed the issue, so closing this as FIXED.
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