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"Ignore Bug Mail" shouldn't lead to request email being dropped


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heycam didn't receive any email for the review request in bug 864686 comment 127, because he'd checked the "Ignore bug mail" flag for that bug (whose component he watches).

It seems bad that "Ignore bug mail" suppresses request mail.  The main use case for the feature I'm aware of is noisy bugs like bug 864686.  But the requests aren't noisy, and are often important.

"Ignore Bug Mail" instead shouldn't have any effect on request mail (which I think many people consider conceptually different from "bug mail" anyway).

IRC log:

[2013-05-29 15:50:33] <heycam> dbaron, interestingly, I had ticked the "Ignore bug mail" box for that bug and so didn't receive an email about the review request
[2013-05-29 15:51:01] <dbaron> heycam, want to file a bug that "Ignore bug mail" shouldn't lead to request mail being ignored?
[2013-05-29 15:51:05] <dbaron> heycam, or should I do it?
[2013-05-29 15:51:07] <heycam> ha
[2013-05-29 15:51:11] <heycam> well
[2013-05-29 15:51:17] <heycam> that's kind of the behaviour I want
[2013-05-29 15:51:35] <dbaron> really?
[2013-05-29 15:51:47] <heycam> "that" = "please still send me request mails"
[2013-05-29 15:52:08] <dbaron> right
[2013-05-29 15:52:23] <heycam> dbaron, I will leave it to you, thanks :)
[2013-05-29 15:52:24] <dbaron> but you didn't get a request mail... so something needs fixing, no?
[2013-05-29 15:52:33] <heycam> yes
[2013-05-29 15:52:45] <heycam> that something might not be "make Ignore Bug Mail work in this way" though
[2013-05-29 15:53:09] <dbaron> I wonder if "Ignore bug mail" is a b.m.o extension
[2013-05-29 15:53:15] <glob> dbaron, it isn't
[2013-05-29 15:53:44] <glob> by design you won't receive *any* emails if you enable it
[2013-05-29 15:54:06] <glob> heycam, what bug are you talking about?
[2013-05-29 15:54:11] <heycam> 864686
[2013-05-29 15:54:37] <glob> heycam, you would have been better of removing yourself from the CC list
[2013-05-29 15:54:55] <heycam> glob, yes, I suppose so; not sure exactly what I wanted when I ticked the box
[2013-05-29 15:54:56] <dbaron> glob, I presume he watches the component
[2013-05-29 15:55:01] <heycam> oh yes
[2013-05-29 15:55:03] <heycam> that is indeed the issue ;)
[2013-05-29 15:55:10] <glob> ah :)
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Patch to send flag request email even if bug is ignored (v1)


the code is fine, however i think the title text needs to be changed.

what do you think about:
"You will still receive emails for flag requests directed at you."
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> what do you think about:
> "You will still receive emails for flag requests directed at you."

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Sorry to prolong this. But I had the idea to move the span to also encompass the checkbox as well so it also displays the title when hovering over it. Please take a quick moment to r? this slight change and I will check it in if LpSolit still approves.

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Patch to send flag request email even if bug is ignored (v2)

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