Make "Select time/date" picker in the System app more test friendly



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Screenshot of the html

Calendar app -> New event -> Start time -> Select time popup

The issue is we don't currently have and ID or a class property for the highlighted values in "Select time" popup.
Without an ID or a class property, testing that part of gaia is really tricky and time consuming.
Can you please add "selected", "current" or whatever you think is more suitable here? Thanks.


5 years ago
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James, something you could help us with?
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I believe this is going to end up as a bug for the System application. System listens for focus events on certain types of input elements and creates the specialized input UI:
As mike stated this is part of the system app... We have plans to abstract this for the js tests so individual tests don't need to be aware of our implementation details.

needinfo'ing Rudy who worked on most of the pieces here at one point.
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Sorry that I might not get the point here.

Is this testing about system value selector, especially the time picker or about the calendar app?

If this is for Calendar app and we want abstract the time picker part out, I think we can regard that "time" input field as a general text input, and we can set value to it directly.
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4 years ago
Rudy I've re-titled the bug. Alin definitely means "System" level.
Summary: Make "Select time" popup, in Calendar app, more test friendly → Make "Select time/date" picker in the System app more test friendly


4 years ago
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Alive - Could you look into this? We need help getting this fixed to get the two tests mentioned below turned back on in gaia ui test automation.

- test_calendar_new_event_appears_on_all_calendar_views
- test_select_album_play
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I think Rudy is familiar than me in this part.
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4 years ago
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Rudy, can you take another look at this one?
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Sure, I am going to look into this.
However, right now I am also loaded with some koi+ bugs, so won't get into this right now.

Please feel free to take it if anyone is interested.
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4 years ago
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