alternative manifest or other way of running mozbase m-c tests vs master test set



5 years ago
5 years ago


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5 years ago
See also bug 790765 . The mozbase tests as to be run via `make check`
must be very robust and should be disabled if anything goes wrong
(with the thought to be reenabled later once issues regarding
robustness are resolved; obviously if there is a legitimate issue
found by the tests, they shouldn't be disabled but instead
addressed).  However, developers of mozbase should have a way of
running e.g. intermittent tests or tests that otherwise are not robust
enough for production automation.

One way would be to have two master manifests: one for production and
one for development.  The upside to this approach is ... ZERO CODE
CHANGE!  The downside is that both manifests will need to be kept up
to date.

Depending on what folk desired, it may (or may not) be desirable to
improve the manifestdestiny code and/or to this end.

This is a spec bug; we should figure out what we want to do first.  If
the two manifest solution == that, easy enough.
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