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Inconsistent color management


(Core :: GFX: Color Management, defect)

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Build ID: 20130511120803

Steps to reproduce:

I created a handful of elements and made them red (#ff0000) in various ways, using:

  * background-color: #f00
  * background: linear-gradient(#f00, hsla(0, 100%, 50%, 1))
  * background: radial-gradient(#f00, hsl(0, 100%, 50%))
  * background: url(no-profile.png) // image with no colour profile
  * background: url(embedded-profile.jpg) // image with with colour profile
* Canvas
  * c.fillStyle = '#f00'; c.fillRect(0, 0, 200, 200);
  * fill: rgb(255, 0, 0)
* Image
  * <img src="no-profile.png"> // image with no colour profile
  * <img src="embedded-profile.jpg"> // image with with colour profile

I have set gfx.color_management.mode to 1 (full colour management) and have a properly calibrated wide gamut monitor.

Here is a test page that demonstrates this:

Actual results:

The boxes with with colour set by linear-gradient, radial-gradient and a canvas displayed with a very vivid red (i.e., without colour management). The rest were showing the correct red.

Here's a screenshot, with an embedded profile (the differences may not be visible on your screen):

Here's another screenshot, as sRGB with no embedded profile (the colours aren't right, but on my screen, imagine the orange squares are red, and the red ones are a very vivid red):

Expected results:

All of the boxes should appear to be the same colour.
Component: Untriaged → GFX: Color Management
Product: Firefox → Core
Duplicate of this bug: 952752
This is still actual in Firefox 26.
This is still actual in Firefox 60.0.2.

Looks like this is still the case in Firefox 66.0.3 on macOS 10.14.4:

Both canvas charts are using the same fill and stroke styles, yet the Firefox's image (on the right) appears a lot more saturated than Chrome's.

Confirmed in 67.0.4 on 10.14.4. Problem is really obvious on native Macbook (touchbar) screen. External monitors are fine. I've tried switching color profiles on my display and changing firefox gfx management settings but both do not solve the problem.

This sounds like a (reverse) dupe of bug 1616444 but it's hard to be sure with all of OP's testcases 404ing.

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