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_do_check_eq/_do_check_neq/do_print should put double-quotes around argument if the typeof argument is "string"


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When do_print is used and a string argument is passed to it, the output should be surrounded by double-quotes.

I ran into this today, where I had a string with the value "null". do_print outputted: null

However my tests for variable == null were failing, because variable was actually equal to "null". Quotes around the output would have helped me fix the test faster.
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We could do the same thing for _do_check_eq, but I'm not sure if that will confuse people or not.
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... and here's a second patch that also includes changes to do_check_eq and do_check_neq for consistency.

I also noticed that there is some duplicate code between _do_check_neq and do_report_result. I'll file a separate bug to clean that up.
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Filed bug 880573 for the de-duplication.
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Patch including changes to do_check_eq and do_check_neq

Review of attachment 759589 [details] [diff] [review]:

::: testing/xpcshell/head.js
@@ +399,5 @@
>   * Prints a message to the output log.
>   */
>  function do_print(msg) {
>    var caller_stack = Components.stack.caller;
> +  msg = typeof msg == "string" ? '"' + msg + '"' : msg;

Feels like you probably want to put this into a helper function at this point, but it's not critical.
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Thanks! I pulled that out to this function...

function _wrap_with_quotes_if_necessary(val) {
  return typeof val == "string" ? '"' + val + '"' : val;
Summary: do_print should put double-quotes around output if the typeof argument is "string" → _do_check_eq/_do_check_neq/do_print should put double-quotes around argument if the typeof argument is "string"
Hmm, we're using == and != for these things?  I filed bug 880798 to switch from == to SameValue-style comparisons (see the bug for a description of SameValue semantics).
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