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[Chrome Workers] Make module loader handle non-absolute paths


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Followup to bug 872421

> I still think you should not share require to allow relative require forms that are very common:
> `require("./foo/bar")`, require("../bar")`
> All you need is to capture `uri` and resolve to it. As a matter of fact I'd also encourage to implement
> `require.main` which usually takes full `url` and all the modules then are resolved relative to it.
> Both devtools and jetpack code now supports `require("foo/bar")` that resolves to `resource://gre/modules/commonjs/foo/bar.js`
> I think it maybe a good idea to support that too. Note that neither node or any other commonjs implementations I'm aware of
> treat `foo/bar` equivalent to `./foo/bar` quite the contrary, usually `foo/bar` is equivalent to `/foo/bar` where `/` is root of your program.
Irakli, given that workers don't have a |document.uri|, how would you handle the "base uri"?
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I would consider base URL to be an url of the script loaded into worker.
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That's the problem, we don't know the url of the "main" script.
De-prioritizing until we have decided exactly what we want.
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